Today, it is not surprised that people are worried that technology might take their job, in result for them to be jobless. But, stop worrying  and avoid  this feeling that may transform into anxiety, why not embrace technology and welcome the amazing features it will benefit to us.

So, here are the 3 steps to make technology as our ally, not an enemy:

  1. Identifying the task technology can give to us – We never think the bigger picture about how technology helps our daily living, before our ancestors lived their lives without cellphone but now you can’t even go out at your home without bringing one. Even at work, technology makes our work easier since it’s already automated.
  2. Determining the technology value – technologies worth is highly valuable , just like backing up important data in a computer, there maybe an instances that a person may accidentally delete all the files that are momentous, but with the help of technology there are some possible solutions to retrieve the deleted data.
  3. Assess what technology can do that you can’t do – like any businesses, it will not be known without the help of a website, since it expands your business possible customers that makes you also expands your offers and business growth.

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